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Corporate Culture

Build a modern,well-known enterprise group with international competitiveness and sustainable vitality.

International competitiveness means the strength to compete with world first-class transnational companies in international market;persistent vitality means constantly improving ourselves,going beyond ourselves in competition,and always keeping thriving vitality and vigor.
Only with international competitiveness and persistent vitality,can we make sure to stand at tide head forever amid the tide of market,to achieve success,and to enable our employees to work and live with happiness.

Core value: innovate and share together,and consistently innovate to achieve persistent vitality
Corporate mission: become a pioneer and leader of green chemistry
Corporate spirit: persistent pursuit,constant innovation
Corporate style: strictly,elaborately,honestly,and rapidly
Business principle: To win future jointly with you with my wisdom
Employment principle: Morality supreme,performance first
Leadership style: Ambitious and resourceful,imperturbable in front of changes,treat people and affairs impartially,and with open mind to accept advices
Team philosophy: Wynca is a family,a school,a stage,and a piece of fertile soil
Safety philosophy: All accidents are preventable
Our motto: Be a man honest,and do things right.